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Helps identify intrinsic processing disorders.

32853 Learning Disabilities Diagnostic Inventory, Complete Kit
32853R LDDI Rating Summary Booklets, Pk/50


Helps identify intrinsic processing disorders.
Donald D. Hammill and Brian R. Bryant

  • Age Range: 8-17 years 
  • Time: 10-20 minutes

No longer must diagnoses of LD be dependent solely upon IQ tests, Achievement tests or Discrepancy formulas. LDDI provides a way to reintroduce clinical/teacher judgment back into the diagnostic process. LDDI is easy to use, yields a profile that distinguishes LD students from other low achievers, and has an inventory that can be completed in 10 minutes.

The LDDI is a rating scale designed to help psychologists, diagnosticians, LD specialists and speech-language pathologists diagnose intrinsic processing disorders and learning disabilities. The LDDI is composed of six independent scales, one for each of the areas listed in the definition by the U.S. Office of Education, and the National Joint Committee on Learning Disabilities: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Reasoning.

Each scale consists of 15 easy-to-rate items, generated after an extensive review of theoretical writings and empirical studies in learning disabilities; focusing on the neuropsychological aspects of the disabilities.

LDDI is not an ability or achievement measure. Instead, it tells you the extent to which students' skill patterns in a particular area are consistent with those individuals known to have LD in that area. Thus, using the LDDI shifts the diagnostic emphasis away from norm-referenced ability test scores and toward studying an individual's skill patterns.

The Complete LDDI Kit includes a Manual and 50 Rating Summary Booklets.