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kohs block design test

The Kohs Block Design Test is a non-verbal assessment of executive functioning, useful with the language and hearing impaired. It offers additional layers of complexity over other block design tests, allowing for greater differentiation of abilities

37000 Kohs Block Design Test
37000R KOHS Record Blanks, Pk/50
37000A KOHS Blocks only
37000B KOHS Design Cards Only
37000M KOHS Manual


A non-verbal performance test of intelligence, useful with language and hearing impaired individuals

S.C. Kohs

  • Age Range: Developmental age 3-19 years
  • Time: Up to 40 minutes, individual administration

The Kohs Block Design Tests, published by Stoelting, are performance tests, standardized to measure intelligence for individuals with developmental ages 3-19. Its easy-to-give-and-understand instructions were designed to be given in pantomime, so the tests are especially valuable for testing those with language and hearing handicaps.  In addition, the Kohs Block Design Test has been used extensively in research, when an efficient measure of executive functioning skills is desired that is relatively language free.

The Kohs is particularly suited for use with disadvantaged and non-English speaking individuals, whose language deficits may mask underlying cognitive potential. Block design tests are significantly less affected by school training than Binet, yet possess a high degree of correlation and reliability. The test, which has shown a universal appeal to children, and even adults, consists of 16 colored cubes and 17 cards with colored designs, which the subject is to duplicate.

Complete Kohs Blocks Design Test includes Cubes, Cards, Manual and 50 Record Blanks.