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new direction: socialization kit

New Direction: Socialization Kit

32173W New Direction: Socialization Workbook
32173 New Direction: Socialization Collection
32173G New Direction: Socialization Facilitator Guide
32173V New Direction: Socialization-Getting Along Video


Created in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Corrections, A New Direction is a comprehensive, cognitive-behavioral treatment curriculum for offenders with substance use disorder. The curriculum is divided into six core modules and a Co-occurring Disorders module. Learn more about A New Direction Complete Collection.

Socialization typically follows the Intake & Orientation Module along with the Drug & Alcohol Education and Criminal & Addictive Thinking Modules. Offenders will explore the difficulties of building healthy relationships based on trust and respect. The includes a facilitator guide, 100 participant workbooks, and the Getting Along video. Topics in this module include: Where Have I Been, What Works and What Doesn't, and How Do I Change. All components are also available separately, but you can save money by purchasing the complete module!

Socialization Workbook (32173W) and Guide (32173G)

The 128 page participant workbook, written at a sixth-grade level, contains materials that reflect real-life experiences of offenders with addiction and activities that demonstrate addictive and criminal thought processes. Twenty-four exercises cover: Where Have I Been, What Works and What Doesn't, and How Do I Change.

Socialization- Getting Along Video (32173V)

Inmates, not actors, talk about their lifelong difficulty in getting along with others, and their new understanding--through participation in a cognitive-behavioral treatment program--of how to develop healthy relationships. As one inmate explains in the video, "We have difficulty getting along because we lie and cheat and manipulate to get what we want." Whether their socialization problems stem from childhood abuse, fear of abandonment, or feelings of worthlessness, the inmates candidly discuss the challenges and benefits of learning to build relationships based on trust and respect. Among their discoveries about relationships:

  • empathy for others can be learned and developed
  • the inability to admit fault keeps you isolated
  • genuine relationships are based on honesty
  • conflict is a natural part of relationships
  • alcohol and drugs distort the way we experience relationships

Taped in Minnesota correctional facilities, A New Direction video series allows real inmates to tell the real story about recovering from a life of addiction and crime. The result is a powerful, direct, and liberating message about finding a life of recovery and freedom.)


New Directions: Intake and Orientation (32173) includes: Socialization Getting Along DVD (32173V, 1 ea. 28 min., cc.), Socialization Facilitators Guide Revised (32173G, 1 ea. Softcover, 128 pages), Socialization Workbook Revised (32173W, 100 ea. Softcover, 128 pages)