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Quantifies organizational skills in children.

31115S COSS Complete Scoring Software Kit
31115H COSS Complete Handscored Kit
31115P COSS-P Response Forms, Pk/25
31115T COSS-T Response Forms, Pk/25
31115C COSS-C Response Forms, Pk/25
31115-PQ COSS-P QuikScore Forms, Pk/25
31115-TQ COSS-T QuikScore Forms, Pk/25
31115-CQ COSS-C QuikScore Forms, Pk/25
31115U COSS Scoring Software (Unlimited Use) USB Key
31115M COSS Manual


Quantifies organizational skills in children.

  • Age Range: 8-13 years
  • Time: 10-15 minutes

The COSS assesses how children organize their time, materials and actions to accomplish important tasks at home and at school.  Based on parent, teacher and child self-report ratings, the COSS provides a comprehensive measure of organizational skills including:

*Assessment of “domain specific” competence in managing tasks at home and school
*Delineation of competence in planning tasks, tracking assignments, managing materials and time
*Identification of organizational strengths and weaknesses relative to the normative sample
*Assessment of level of conflict,
at home, related to child’s organizational problems

The COSS Scales include Task Planning, Organized Actions and Memory and Materials Management. An Inconsistency Index is available for all three forms, and is useful in determining response patterns that can affect results due to careless/random responding. The Self-Report Form includes a Positive Impression Index to identify inaccurate representation of problems by making situations appear better than they actually are.

COSS Scales
Task Planning—ability to meet deadlines and spell out steps required to complete tasks
Organizational Behavior—measures competent use of aids such as calendars and assignment records, and special routines like creating lists and rough drafts
Money and Materials Management—incorporates tracking assignments, recalling due dates, managing papers, books and other supplies

The COSS Scoring Software Kit includes the unlimited-use Scoring Software, 25 each of the Parent, Teacher and Child/Self Response Forms and a Manual. The COSS Handscored Kit includes 25 each of the Parent, Teacher Child/Self QuikScore Forms and a Manual.