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kaufman developmental scale (kds)

Kaufman Developmental Scale (KDS) evaluates school readiness and developmental deficits for six developmental areas across a wide range of ages

37017E KDS Evaluation Booklets, Pk/25*
37017M KDS Manual*


Evaluates school readiness, and developmental deficits for six developmental areas across a wide range of ages

Harvey Kaufman, Ph.D.

  • Age Range: Infants through 9 years
  • Time: Untimed, approximately 30 minutes, individual administration

The Kaufman Developmental Scale (KDS), published by Stoelting, is both an assessment tool and a curricular/programming tool for normal children through age nine, and persons were cognitive disabilities at any age.

The KDS consists of 270 behavioral evaluation items representing maturational levels. All items assessed are samples of behaviors that can be taught, thus stressing the use of the KDS in developing teaching objectives.

The behavioral items are divided into six basic developmental modalities as follows:

  1. Gross Motor
  2. Fine Motor
  3. Receptive
  4. Expressive
  5. Personal Behavior
  6. Receptive Inter-personal Behavior

The modalities are further divided into six developmental stages to allow for immediate visual scrutinization of developmental progress:

  1. Infancy
  2. Early Childhood
  3. Play Age
  4. Receptive Middle Childhood
  5. Early Adolescence
  6. Late Adolescence and beyond

Evaluation Booklets (not included with complete set) list KDS items by developmental modality, and afford an opportunity to evaluate and assess developmental gains through color coding and/or empirical method.

The KDS Kit includes all Test Materials, Manual, 25 Record Forms and Carrying Case.