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test of visual perceptual skills- fourth edition (tvps-4)

TVPS-4 is the latest update of the standardized, nationally normed, comprehensive assessment of visual analysis and processing skills, which assesses Visualization, Flexibility of Closure, Visual Memory, and Memory Span, useful with physical disabilities

32206 Test of Visual Perceptual Skills-Fourth Edition (TVPS-4) Kit
32206M TVPS-4 Manual
32206R TVPS-4 Record Forms, Pk/25
32206T TVPS-4 Test Plates


Now includes 18 items in each of the seven perceptual areas assessed, important for reading and spelling.

Nancy A. Martin, Ph.D.

  • Age Range:  5 through 21 years
  • Time:  Approximately 25 minutes

The TVPS-4 is the latest update of the standard comprehensive assessment of visual analysis and processing skills.  Widely used by school psychologists, occupational therapists, learning specialists and optometrists.

Ideal for individuals with impairments in motor, speech, neurological or cognitive functions, this new edition utilizes black-and-white line drawings, in a convenient easel format.  Items are multiple choice, and require only minimal verbal of motor (pointing) responses. 

The TVPS-4 now includes 18 items in each of seven visual-perceptual areas:

  • Visual Discrimination                                   
  • Visual Sequential Memory
  • Visual Memory                                              
  • Visual Figure-Ground
  • Visual-Spatial Relationships                     
  • Visual Closure
  • Visual Form Consistency

It also now measures the following Cattell-Horn-Carrol theory narrow abilities:

  • Visualization                                                   
  • Flexibility of Closure
  • Visual Memory                                              
  • Memory Span

Norms are based on a nationally-representative sample.  Additional lower-level items were added to address the needs of younger, or more impaired, individuals.  Norms now extend through age 21, making the TVPS-4 useful for a wider range of examinees.  Ceilings minimize fatigue, and ensure more difficult items do not unduly tax younger students, while allowing for reliable and accurate assessment across the age range.

Raw scores are reported as scaled scores, and percentile ranks, for each subtest.  The overall Total Score is reported as a standard score and percentile rank.  Ages equivalents are also provided for the subtest and overall scores.

The TVPS-4 Kit includes the Test Plates, 25 Record Forms and a Manual.