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reading comprehension battery for aphasia- second edition (rcba-2)

Reading Comprehension Battery for Aphasia- Second Edition (RCBA-2) is a systematic evaluation of the nature, and degree, of reading impairments and comprehension for anyone with an acquired Reading Disability, such as through Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and will guide rehabilitation.

31309 Reading Comprehension Battery for Aphasia (RCBA-2) Kit
31309R RCBA-2 Profile/Summary Record Forms, Pk/25
31309M RCBA-2 Manual
31309P RCBA-2 Picture Book
31309S RCBA-2 Supplementary Picture Book


Identifies the severity, and quality, of acquired reading problems in people who have had brain injury.

Leonard L. LaPointe and Jennifer Horner

  • Age Range: Pre-adolescent through Geriatric
  • Time: 30 minutes

The RCBA-2 is a systematic evaluation of the nature, and degree, of reading impairments, and reading comprehension. It will also guide the direction, and focus, of therapy. It is appropriate for anyone with an acquired reading disability, who previously had attained reading literacy.

This test is the first acquired dyslexia test specifically designed for acquired reading problems. It is also the original reading test to discover reading problems that accompany, or are a part of, aphasia.

In addition, the RCBA-2 targets treatment more effectively. It is easily administered and scored. The new easel-back Stimulus Books, and the updated art, will hold interest.

The new, supplemental material in this second edition, includes seven additional subtests which measure the different varieties of acquired dyslexia. While the original RCBA measures silent-reading comprehension, this new material measures oral-reading comprehension. All seven, or just one, subtest can be administered, based upon an individual's need.

RCBA-2 Kit includes 25 Profile/Summary Record Forms, a Picture Book, a Supplementary Picture Book and a Manual.