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slosson intelligence test- primary (sit-p)

Slosson Intelligence Test- Primary (SIT-P) is a brief, screening test of children's verbal and performance and crystallized and fluid intelligence

33948 Slosson Intelligence Test- Primary, Complete Kit (SIT-P Kit)
33948R SIT-P Lower Level Scoring Response Booklets, Pk/25
33948S SIT-P Upper Level Scoring Response Booklets, Pk/25


A verbal and performance screening test.
Bradley T. Erford, Gary J. Vitali, and Steven W. Slosson

  • Age Range: 2 – 8 years
  • Time: 10 – 25 minutes, individual

The SIT-P is a new, brief, screening test of children's intelligence. It includes both Crystallized Verbal and Fluid Performance items to give a balanced measure of a child's cognitive ability. The SIT-P was designed to facilitate the screening of children at risk of educational failure, to provide a quick estimate of mental ability, and to identify children who may be appropriate candidates for deeper testing services. A wide range of items (Verbal; Perceptual Speed; Block Design; Visual-Motor; Performance) yield two scaled Verbal and Performance standard scores which combined form a Total Standard Score (TSS).

The crystallized items include:

  • Vocabulary
  • Similarities and Differences
  • Digit Sequences
  • Sentence Memory
  • Quantitative Skills.

Nonverbal abilities include:

  • Fine Motor & Gross Motor — stacking blocks, locomotion (walking, running) and coordination (dexterity, geometric patterns).
  • Block Design — Lower Level and Upper Level. Includes blocks with patterns on each side. Child is asked to "make the tops of your blocks look like the blocks in this picture."
  • Perceptual-Motor Speed — Upper Level. Timed task of picking out the correct geometric pattern from a set of five different patterns.
  • Visual-Motor Integration — Both Levels.

The SIT-P Complete Kit includes a Manual, Picture Book with 23 plates, Eight 1" Blocks with patterns, and two sets of Response Booklets.