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TORC-4 is a multi-dimensional test of silent reading comprehension.

32830 Test of Reading Comprehension-4, Complete Kit (TORC-4)
32830P TORC-4 Examiner Record Forms, Pk/50
32830R TORC-4 Student Answer Booklets, Pk/50
32830B TORC-4 Student Question Booklets, Pk/25


Virginia L. Brown, Donald D. Hammill, and J. Lee Wiederbolt

  • Age Range: 7-18 years
  • Time:  45 minutes or less

TORC-4 is a multi-dimensional test of silent reading comprehension that can be used to:

  • Identify children and adolescents who score significantly below their peers and who, therefore, might need help in improving their reading proficiency and comprehension. 
  • Document student progress in remedial programs.
  • Serve as a research tool in studies investigating reading problems in children and adolescents.

TORC-4 has five subtests, all of which measure word identification and contextual meaning:

  • Relational Vocabulary- The student reads three words and then silently read four more words.  The student is to choose to of the four words that relate to the first three words.
  • Sentence Completion-  The student silently reads a sentence that is missing two words and then silently reads a list of word pairs.  The student is to choose the word pair that best completes the sentence.
  • Paragraph Construction-   After silently reading a list of sentences that are not in logical order, the student must then rearrange the sentences to form a coherent paragraph.
  • Text Comprehension-  The student silently reads a short passage, and then answers five multiple-choice questions relative to the passage.
  • Contextual Fluency-  The student is required to identify individual words taken from the Text Comprehension Subtest.

New Features of the TORC-4:

  • The number of subsets on the TORC-4 has been reduced from 9 to 6, which makes the test more streamlined and time-efficient for administration and scoring.
  • All new normative data were collected in 2006-2007. 
  • Study of item bias has been expanded.
  • Reliability coefficients have been computed by age and subgroups within the normative sample.
  • All new validity studies are reported, including a rigorous analysis of TORC-4’s sensitivity and specificity.
  • Vocabulary in the subtests has been updated.
  • Floor effects have been eliminated.

The TORC-4 Kit contains the Examiner’s Manual, 50 each of the Examiner Record Forms and 8-page Student Answer Booklets, and 25 28-page Student Question Booklets.