Ugo Basile Active Avoidance

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ugo basile active avoidance

Ugo Basile's Active Avoidance (Shuttle-Box) Apparatus is a fear-motivated task in which the animal learns to predict the occurrence of an aversive event (shock) based on the presence of a stimulus (tone) and moves to a second compartment to avoid the aversive event (shock).

55532 Ugo Basile Active Avoidance, Rat

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55533 Ugo Basile Active Avoidance, Mouse

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55532-010 Software Activation Code for Active Avoidance

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Ugo Basile Active Avoidance (Shuttle-Box) Apparatus for Mice and Rats

Automatically records:

Number of Avoidances (the mouse crossing to the other compartment during the warning signal)

Number of non-responses (the mouse failing to cross to the other compartment during the trial)

Response latency (latency to avoid or escape)

Number of intertrial responses (crossing the barrier within the intertrial interval)

Testing is conducted in a two chamber cage, sectioned by a partition with an intercommunicating opening at floor level. Both compartments are lighted by overhead stimulus lights. Each compartment is equipped with a grid floor which delivers the foot shock. The tilting floor ensures reliable detection of movement across the two compartments.