Water Maze

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water maze

The Morris Water Maze is one of the most widely used methods to assess spatial and learning memory. The Water Maze tank is filled with water and equipped with a platform which acts as a means of escape for animals. During testing, animals learn the location of the platform using spatial cues.

60135 Water Maze, Mouse

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60136 Water Maze, Mouse/Rat

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60235 Water Maze, Rat

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60030 Water Maze Island, 4 in.(W) X 12 in.(H), Plastic

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60035 Water Maze Island, 4in.(W) X 20in.(H), Plastic

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The Morris Water Maze is a behavioral procedure designed to test spacial memory. The maze has advantages over conventional mazes such as:

  • Elimination of local cues such as trace sents
  • No fixed escape formula


  • Pools are nested in customized carts on swivel casters with wheel brakes.
  • Elevated to make the pool more accessible
  • Include wheels, which provide convenience in positioning, adjusting and storing the maze.
  • Side drains for quick emptying and cleanup
  • Include Clear Plexiglas islands for use in Morris Maze applications (Default island 60030)