IITC Electronic Von Frey Anesthesiometer, Mouse

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iitc electronic von frey anesthesiometer, mouse

The Electronic Von Frey is an easy, user friendly system which was developed to replace the traditional hairs but at the same time enabling researchers to test pain threshold.

52737WS Electronic Von Frey Anesthesiometer with Supertips, Mouse

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Electronic Von Frey for Mouse with Supertips-Quantity of 1 Available!


  • 90gram Probe
  • Plug up to 3 probes into a single unit
  • LCD Readout (Floating or last max. & minimum) 
  • Rigid tips 
  • 15 Super tips (Each hair has a uniform tip of .8mm in diameter, eliminating the possibility of false readings that may occur due to the varying hair thickness when applied to test subject.)