Stoelting Blood Pressure Monitor System

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stoelting blood pressure monitor system

Stoelting Blood Pressure Systems employ the non-invasive tail cuff method for measuring blood pressure in rats and mice.

58852WS Warming Chamber, 1 Rat/3 Mice

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58851WS Manual Scanner, 1-12 Position

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58850WS Amplifier, Built-in Automatic Cuff Pump

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58856WS Warming Chamber, 6 Mice/Rats

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Stoelting Non-Invasive Blood Pressure System Components-Limited Quantities Available!

Amplifier for use with Stoelting or IITC Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Systems

The amplifier includes a built in cuff pump which allows for automatic cuff inflation.  The built-in cuff pump has adjustable cuff pressure limits with automatic cut off, remote trigger capabiliity, adjustable deflation rate, a manual air release for immediate pressure drop and a test termination pressure control allows for quick 10-15 sec test cyles.  

58850 Amplifier with Built-In Automatic Cuff Pump-Quantity of 1Available!

Manual Scanner for use with Stoelting or IITC Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Systems

The manual scanner is used for making sequential measurements on a group of animals during the tail cuff method of blood pressure measurement.  The scanner can be used in mouse and/or rat blood pressure systems that are manually inflated, as well as in semi-automatic systems with an automatic cuff pump.  The manual scanner has the capabilities to test up to 12 animals simultaneously.

58851 Manual Scanner 1-12 Position-Quantity of 1 Available!

Warming Chambers for use with Stoelting Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Systems

Warming chambers provide a low, consistent, comforatble environment for the animal while measuring blood pressure via tail cuff method.  The chamber temperature is adjustable and stays at a constant temperature within 1 degree Celcius at all times via the digitally controlled built in temperature controller.  All chambers are manufactured of black anodized aluminum and a clear Plexiglass slide panel door for easy access and viewing of your animal during studies. 

58852 Warming Chamber for 1rat/3mice-Quantity of 2 Available!

58856 Warming Chamber for 6 Animals-Quantity of 1 Available!