TAPS-3 Complete Kit

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taps-3 complete kit

Measures what a student does with what is heard–essential for school success

30247 Test of Auditory Processing Skills- Third Edition (TAPS-3) *

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30247C TAPS-3 Auditory Figure-Ground CD *

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30247R TAPS-3 Test Booklets, Pk/25 *

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Measures what a student does with what is heard–essential for school success
Nancy Martin and Rick Brownell

  • Age Range: 4 through 18 years
  • Time: Approximately 1 hour to administer, 15-20 minutes to score

The TAPS-3 represents a thorough revision of the Test of Auditory Perceptual Skills-Revised. This one test now covers ages from preschool through high school. TAPS-3 provides valuable information for diagnosing individuals who have auditory difficulties and/or language processing problems which contribute to learning, reading and spelling problems.

Subtests in the TAPS-3 are:

  • Word Discrimination
  • Word Memory
  • Phonological Segmentation
  • Sentence Memory
  • Phonological Blending
  • Auditory Comprehension
  • Numbers Forward
  • Auditory Reasoning
  • Numbers Reversed

An optional Auditory Figure-Ground task, presented via CD, flags attention problems, and provides feedback as to how the child’s auditory processing system works in “real-world” situations. In addition to four new subtests, many of the subtests from TAPS-R include new and/or revised items. Scoring has also been changed, to allow partial credit for some subtests.

TAPS-3 provides an overall score, and individual subtest scores are combined to derive three cluster scores:

  1. Basic Auditory Skills
  2. Auditory Memory
  3. Auditory Cohesion

The TAPS-3 Kit includes a Manual, 25 Test Booklets and the Auditory Figure-Ground CD.