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job observation and behavior scale (jobs) complete test kit

The Job Observation and Behavior Scale (JOBS) is an employee evaluation useful for professional development, particularly as an occupational assessment with adults and students in training programs with and without developmental disabilities

37235 Job Observation and Behavior Scale- System (JOBS- System)
37035 Job Observation and Behavior Scale- Employer Rated
37035R JOBS Record Forms, Pk/25
37035M JOBS Manual


A performance evaluation for students in transition from school to work.
Howard Rosenberg, Ed.D. and Michael P. Brady, Ph.D.

  • Age Range: 15-adult
  • Time: Less than 30 minutes

JOBS is an employee performance evaluation for use by educators, job coaches, rehabilitation professionals, and employers involved in the evaluation, training, and placement of secondary students or adults, with and without disabilities into the competitive workforce. JOBS is ideal for both supported and competitive employment, and sheltered employment settings.

JOBS meets the critical need for an instrument which is standardized, based upon realistic supported employment practices and expectations.

Use JOBS to determine:

  • Quality of work performance; types of support needed
  • Employee strengths and needs for future training

JOBS benefits everyone because it: Monitors employee growth and development over time; helps employees comply with state and federal anti-discrimination workplace mandates; is an objective and standardized evaluation of employees' work performance; reduces employee turnover in entry level positions by identifying support and training needs; enables students and adults in work training programs develop "employable behaviors" needed to obtain and maintain real jobs; targets employees' need for supports in the workplace and uses "real work" criteria as the standard for comparison of work performance.

The 30 items, which comprise the three JOBS subscales, are designed to represent critical patterns of performance in:

  1. Work-required daily living skills
  2. Work-required behavior
  3. Work-required job duties

The complete JOBS Kit contains the Manual and one package of the Record Forms.

The JOBS System
Teachers, job coaches, rehabilitation specialists and employment professionals make a wide range of decisions that affect the current and future work status of students and adults with special employment needs. These decisions include choices in curriculum models, instructional strategies, career options, job settings and work experiences.

In the education arena, these decisions culminate in transitional Individual Education Programs (IEP) for every student between the ages of 16 to 21. Students must have the opportunity to participate in the development of their IEPs and transition plans from age 16.

In the vocational training arena, there is a requirement to develop Individual Rehabilitation Plans (IWRP) and Individual Support Plans (ISP) for adults with special employment needs. Accreditation bodies, such as CARF, require that employees have continual input into their plans and programs, in terms of training and support.

The JOBS System (JOBS and JOBS:OSD used together) incorporates both required models of vocational evaluation. The combination of these assessments allows professionals, students and adult employees to establish whether discrepancies or agreements exist, by comparing the various perceptions of the quality of work performance, and the type of support needed to maintain that work quality. The System allows for informed decisions regarding goals and objectives appropriate for IEPs, IWRPs and ISPs, as well as for workplace interventions.  

By combining and comparing the results from JOBS (employer rated) and JOBS:OSD (employee rated) these professionals can establish where discrepancies exist between the quality of an individual’s work, and the type of support needed to maintain acceptable quality.